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Last updated 20 Feb 2024
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The Knights Realm, 2024 Player Development Term 2


Knights of the Realm: Eastside Knights' Player Development Program: Commencing Term 2 Week 1
We are excited to present the Knights' Player Development Program, an initiative rooted in our mission and a reflection of our commitment to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for players and coaches of all levels. Our program focus aims at honing basketball skills and knowledge while utilising and instilling the Eastside values of inclusivity, fairness, integrity, and respect.

The Player Development Program welcomes basketballers of all levels, eager to enhance their skills. Led by former NBL Player, 3-time National Champion, and Eastside Coaching Director David Smith, our program caters to players of all levels—from beginners to elite athletes aspiring to compete at the highest level. By grouping athletes based on their skill level, we tailor our approach to address the specific needs and goals of each participant. This personalised method enables athletes to progress at their own pace, focusing on honing the skills and knowledge essential to their development journey. Our programs are designed to support and educate all lovers of the game; players, coaches and families on the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to achieve success within the sport and in life beyond the court.

As part of our Player Development Program, we will run weekly training sessions tailored to all skill levels. Incorporating 2 introductory groups focused on our Mini Squires 4-7yrs and Squires 7–10 yrs, through to our 4 capability based skill levels for 10+ yrs. Our Barons, Counts, Dukes and Lords levels provide a structured approach and ensures each participant progresses at a pace suitable for their own development. The progressions will focus on the journey through individual foundational skills, applied fundamentals, game scenarios and advanced game strategies.

All members will have access to “The Realm”; a support program focused on the human skills that support individual development including leadership, teamwork, mental toughness, resilience, accountability and optional strength and conditioning support.

Eastside Knights Player Development Program Breakdown:

Introduction to Basketball (4-10 yrs)
- Mini Squires: 4–7 yrs: Introducing Fun and Interactive Basketball Games (2017-2019)
- Squires: 7–10 yrs: Building basketball capability (2016-2013)

Knights in Training: Shaping our future (10+ yrs)
- Level 1: Barons: Developing Basic Fundamentals of the Game
- Level 2: Counts: Extending Fundamentals in a Dynamic Environment
- Level 3: Dukes: Utilising Skills in a Group Environment and Learning the Basic "Art Forms" of the Game
- Level 4: Lords: Extending Knowledge of the Game through Situational Learning

Enrolment Details
- Program Dates:The program commences week 1 of term 2 running weekly for the 10 weeks of the term.
- Nights and Location: To be confirmed by Thursday 11th April (all sessions will be conducted at current Eastside venues)
- Progression: Athletes will progress levels once they have been assessed to be competent at all aspects of their current level.
- Cost:
• Mini Squires: $110.00 per child per term (8 week program 40 minute sessions), with registrations through Majestri.
• Squires: $150.00 per child per term (8 week program 55 minute sessions), with registrations through Majestri.
• Knights in training: $250.00 per child per term (10 week term 55 minute sessions), with registrations through Majestri.

Introduction to Basketball (4-10 yrs)

Mini Squires: 4–7 yrs
• Introduce age-appropriate basketball-themed games and activities to keep young players engaged and excited about the sport.
• Incorporate elements of storytelling and imaginative play to introduce basic basketball concepts such as dribbling, passing, and shooting.
• Focus on fostering a love for the game through enjoyable and playful experiences, emphasising participation and effort over competition.

Squires: 7–10 yrs
• Begin to identify and cultivate individual player strengths and interests within the group setting.
• Provide opportunities for players to explore different positions and roles on the court, encouraging them to develop specialised skills in areas such as ball-handling, shooting, rebounding, and defence.
• Emphasise the importance of versatility and adaptability, while allowing players to gravitate towards positions or playing styles that suit their abilities and preferences.

Knights in Training: Shaping our future (10+ yrs)
Level 1: Barons
• Focus on laying a strong foundation in fundamental skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and basic defensive principles.
• Emphasis on individual skill development and mastery of core techniques.
• Introduction to game concepts and rules in a controlled and simplified setting.

Level 2: Counts
• Building upon the basic skills acquired, transition to a more dynamic practice environment.
• Incorporate game-like scenarios and drills to enhance decision-making, reaction time, and adaptability.
• Introduction of advanced techniques such as off-the-dribble shooting, defensive positioning, and fast-break execution.

Level 3: Dukes
• Integration of individual skills into team-oriented gameplay, emphasising collaboration, communication, and strategic thinking.
• Exploration of basketball's tactical intricacies, including spacing, ball movement, and player positioning.
• Introduction to offensive and defensive systems, emphasising team cohesion and execution.

Level 4: Lords
• Further refinement of basketball IQ through situational learning exercises and game simulations.
• Emphasis on recognising and adapting to various game situations, such as late-game scenarios, transition offence/defence, and set plays.
• Application of learned concepts in competitive settings to reinforce understanding and skill execution under pressure.

Protecting the Realm: Elite Performance and Mentorship: Growth of human skills beyond the court
• Leadership and teamwork: emphasising communication, setting an example for teammates, and fostering cohesion on the court.
• Mental toughness: developing resilience, focus, and confidence in high-pressure situations.
• Conditioning and recovery: focusing on maintaining peak physical condition and preventing injuries through proper training and recovery methods.
• Athlete mentorship: At the highest level of development, players not only strive for elite performance on the court but also take on mentorship roles. This involves sharing knowledge, guiding younger players, and contributing to the overall development of the team. The emphasis is on creating a culture of continuous improvement and sustained success.

These skill progressions are designed to provide a comprehensive development pathway for players within your basketball program, enabling them to advance from beginner to elite levels with a strong foundation in fundamental basketball skills.

Please see training times below: note ages depicted are for week 1 in order to align everyone to a session where they will be evaluated.
Development Training Nights
                U8 Wednesday 5:00 PM 5:45 PM Iona College Oblate Centre
               U12 Wednesday 6:00 PM 7:00 PM Iona College Oblate Centre
               U14 Wednesday 7:00 PM 8:00 PM Iona College Oblate Centre
               U10 Thursday 5:00 PM 6:00 PM Wynnum State HS
               U14 Thursday 6:00 PM 7:00 PM Wynnum State HS
Youth & U16s Thursday 7:00 PM 8:00 PM Wynnum State HS

To be involved in the Knights' Realm for term 2, please register using the below link.


David Smith
Coaching Director
Eastside Knights

Eastside Knights U12 Rep. Trials

Selection Trials for Eastside Knights Representative Teams - U12 Girl's & Boy's
(MUST be born in 2013, 2014 or 2015)

Trial 1: Sunday 21st April 2024
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
Where: Mansfield State High School

2nd trial - TBA if required

Trial 1: Saturday 20th April 2024
Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Where: Cavendish Road State High School

Trial 2: Sunday 21st April 2024
Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm
Where: Mansfield State High School

3rd & 4th trial - TBA if required

What to bring:
1. Water Bottle
2. Reversible training top (light/dark)
3. Towel

Exemptions - Should your child be unable to attend one or more of the scheduled representative trials, but would still like to be considered for selection, please submit an exemption request via the exemption form on the Whats On page -

Non attendance at trials, without notification, may affect which team your child may be selected to.
If selected, you must register to a Eastside Knights club for the 2024 Winter Season. If you are not currently registered to a club, please email to find out how to.

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New Referee EOI

Eastside Basketball wants YOU!

We are excited to announce that expressions of interest are now open for referees who wish to be a part of our referee program.
Our commitment to our officials is second to none, with continual training, support and guidance on offer.
You will be a living example of the respect you deserve, delivering a positive experience for yourself, players, coaches & spectators.

With our new sponsorship of the Eastside referee program, your shirts will be provided to you to keep free of charge!

Join us as we embrace the incredible game of basketball we all love.

1. Please ensure the primary contact is an adult over the age of 18 yrs. (This ensures we have an adult consent for our younger referees).
2. Add the applicant's details as the 2nd step, if this is the same as the primary contact select yourself from the list, if not then add the applicant's details. FYI - We will always use the contact details from the primary contact field to get in touch. You control who we send messages to, and you can update this anytime.

Our Majestri portal is the powerhouse behind the Knights, allowing us to easily manage all things related to our representative seasons and our association business.

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